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Public Notice: Beware of the Ongoing CommBank Phishing Scams


Public attention is being drawn to an ongoing scam involving fraudulent CommBank emails that are presently making rounds. These deceptive emails prompt unsuspecting customers to disclose their vital personal details, either through accessing a deceitful site disguised as NetBank via an embedded link within the email or by placing a call to a number claiming to be associated with CommBank.

The public must be warned: these are not legitimate communications from CommBank.

It is vital to refrain from clicking on any link, calling any number, or sending a response to the originating address of these fraudulent emails.

For authentic contact methods, we urge all customers to visit the official CommBank website at commbank.com.au/support/contact-us.html. To access NetBank safely, it is recommended to only use trusted URLs, such as the official CommBank website, CommBank.com.au.

The public is strongly advised to be suspicious of any email or text message requesting sensitive information. Double-check the sources of these messages, as scammers are becoming increasingly clever in their approaches. Please, remain vigilant to these fraudulent activities to safeguard your personal information.

If you have received one of these bogus emails, do not interact with it. Instead, report it directly to CommBank to help in the fight against these phishing scams.

Remember, your personal information is valuable – keep it safe and secure. Stay cautious and informed to protect yourself from these online threats.

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