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Public Caution: Phishing Scam Targets CommBank Customers


A troubling development – a phishing scam operation is currently targeting customers of CommBank. The bank’s security department has confirmed the occurrence of multiple SMS phishing scams crafted to appear as if they’ve been sent by ‘CommBank’.

This sophisticated deception is designed with the ability to make the fraudulent messages appear in the same text thread as legitimate CommBank communications, creating a veneer of authenticity and increasing the risk of entrapment.

Upon clicking the link provided in these fraudulent SMS messages, customers are directed to a counterfeit login page. The scammers operating this scheme then proceed to steal the entered login credentials.

It is crucial to remember that these are fraudulent activities and not sanctioned by CommBank. The bank is strongly advising customers against clicking on these links, replying to these messages or any form of engagement with the sender.

In a bid to help its customers maintain a high level of security and privacy, CommBank has reiterated that it will never solicit its customers to log on or provide sensitive information via a link in an email or SMS.

The public is urged to remain vigilant in the face of such threats.

As a general rule of thumb, scrutinize any communication that may seem suspicious. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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