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Oz ScamWatchers Podcast: Weekly News – 3rd September 2023


Welcome, vigilant listeners, to the Oz ScamWatchers Podcast!

This is the voice of your host, coming to you live from the heart of Australia, where we’re as passionate about protecting you from scams as you are about avoiding them.

Yes, you heard right! We’re all about unmasking the fraudsters and shining a spotlight on their shadowy schemes, because here in Australia, we believe in fair play, truth, and justice. And that’s exactly what Oz ScamWatchers stands for.

Now, you might be wondering, what makes Oz ScamWatchers unique? Well, my friends, we’re not just any scam-watching podcast. We’re the lifeblood of Australia’s only live scam tracker website, a platform designed to empower you, the ordinary Aussie, to take a stand against fraud.

From overseas scammers preying on your hard-earned money to local and national companies leveraging deceptive tactics, we’ve got our eyes on them all. But it doesn’t stop there. We even empower you to report government scams, including the infamous Robodebt. Yes, you heard right! No stone goes unturned when it comes to protecting our mates from the clutches of deceit.

This is more than just a podcast. It’s a call to arms, a rallying cry for every Aussie out there. Why? Because scams aren’t just a violation of trust; they’re an attack on the fair-go spirit that binds us together. And together, we can fight back!

So, buckle up, listeners, as we dive deep into the murky waters of scams, frauds, and deceptive practices. We’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to stay one step ahead of the scammers and protect what’s rightfully yours.

Remember, staying informed isn’t just about prevention; it’s about empowerment. So, let’s stand together, Australia, and show these scammers what we’re made of. Let’s ensure that the land down under becomes a no-go zone for fraudsters everywhere!

Welcome to the Oz ScamWatchers Podcast – your frontline defence in the battle against scams!

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