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WA Seniors Card Alert: Scammers Target Western Australian Seniors with Fake Website


It’s an outrage, a disgrace, and it’s happening right now. Western Australian seniors are being ruthlessly targeted by scammers who have stooped to a new low.

They’ve set up a fraudulent WA Seniors Card website, cunningly designed to deceive and exploit.

This imposter site, masquerading as ‘seniorsportal.au’, has the audacity to claim it’s “officially approved”. But here’s the truth: it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a trap set up to rob our seniors of their hard-earned money and personal information.

The audacious scheme doesn’t stop there. These fraudsters are demanding a fee of $29 from WA Seniors Card applicants, a service that is rightfully free of charge! It’s a blatant attempt to cash in on the trust and goodwill of our senior community.

But we’re onto them. We’re here to debunk their lies and expose their deceit.

So, what can you do? How can you protect yourself or your loved ones from this scam? Stay vigilant. Be informed. And spread the word.

Remember, the genuine WA Seniors Card application process does not require payment. Don’t be fooled by imposters.

If you’ve been targeted, don’t stay silent. Your voice matters. Report it. Together, we can fight back against these heartless scammers and protect our community.

Source: Government of Western Australia, Western Australia Police Force

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